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The Myth of Reason

Plato famously said that he wasn’t giving his readers a mythos – a story – but rather a logos – a rational account of things. Maybe Nietzsche was right about Plato being the first cuck.

Diogenes brings a plucked chicken to Plato

The other day I was reading the comments on an article on some mainstream site, I don’t even remember which. I really shouldn’t do this, and if I were to make one resolution for the improvement of my well-being, it would be to stop reading the comments on articles, on any site, anywhere, ever. For every one, thoughtful, intelligent, and succinct comment that actually enriches the discussion, there are a thousand snarky, stupid, grammatically massacred utterances that surround it and effectively drown it out. And so goeth democracy …

A commenter, who I gathered was a moderate conservative, was trying to reason with the leftist mob. The commenter noted that pro-white groups are routinely vilified in the media, portrayed as violent and stupid, yet also extremely dangerous, while the same media refuses to take an honest look at radical Islamic groups. Indeed, the commenter noted, one gets the impression that the average American citizen is in greater danger of being jumped by a gang of ruthless skinheads than being shot or blown up by a jihadist terrorist.

“You’re only saying that because of your white privilege,” they said. And on and on with other leftard drivel slogans that pose as thoughts the way Andy Warhol posed as an artist – but without even the same level of self-conscious irony.

The cuck kept his composure, and calmly responded. “No,” he said. “If you’ll look at these facts and consider them rationally you’ll see that I’m right.”

But everyone knows that’s just whitesplaining. The leftard mob started to surround the cuck and taunt him. “White people are so funny,” said one. “White people are so racist,” said another.

“No no no,” said cucky. “I’m not denying that black people have faced enormous difficulties, including systemic discrimination and segregation and oppression, but if you compare their experience to the history of other ethnic groups in America, you see a similar pattern of gradually rising in the society and blah blah blah blah.”


“Fuck white people.”

Eventually, cucky stopped writing comments. I imagine him closing his laptop in sadness and mild disgust, having failed yet again to make at least some of the liberals see the light of reason, which he knows can shine in all minds just like the sun shines down on all creatures. After all, their hearts are in the right place. If only their minds could just …

But they can’t. One of the great underlying myths of Liberalism in all its guises is the myth of universal reason, the myth that all human beings are endowed with the capacity to be reasonable and make rational decisions all or at least most of the time. This is why white liberals believe that inside every person of color is a little white man (i.e. rational being) just waiting to be awakened by the shining light of middle-class do-gooderism. This is also why libertarians think that if we just leave the market alone, there won’t be any more gubmint interference to prevent people from exercising their reason and making the calm, rational, thoughtful decisions that they are all capable of.

The truth, though, is that reason is an imperfect faculty of the mind even in the most intelligent of the species, and among the average and the lower levels of human societies, the lightbulb of reason is either hooked up to a very shoddy source of electricity, or is simply not present at all.

And that’s ok. That’s nature. That’s diversity. It’s only not ok when some people insist that everyone is really the same. It always starts with the idea that everyone can be rational and intelligent, but every leftist movement in history has eventually realized that this is impossible, and so they ultimately settle for the alternative: that everyone can be a moron if you just hit them on the head with a hammer (and sickle) enough times.

In the 20th century, Fascism rose to power in part through understanding that for the majority of people, mythos is stronger than logos. People need something to believe in more than they need to be able to understand. This has always been the case, and I suspect it always will be, unless perhaps the transhumanists get their way and the whole species evolves into computer-augmented super-beings.

For quite some time now, the dominant mythos in the West has been the leftist myth of equality, universal reason, and progress. But its power as a myth is waning. It no longer inspires, because there is too much evidence, too much reality, to the contrary. The mythos of the future is the mythos of the past – the myth of history, identity, and destiny. Il mito del sangue – the myth of the blood, as Julius Evola said.┬áBut make no mistake: for the majority, it will be a myth. It will not be a well-reasoned position arrived at through logic and careful consideration of the evidence, because that simply is not how most people operate.

British author John Fowles wrote, “Fascism maintains that it is the duty of the powerful and intelligent to gain control of the state so that the Many may be organized and controlled. At its Platonic best it is the most realistic of political philosophies.”

Plato again. But he wasn’t actually a cuck at all. Plato, and the tradition to which he belongs, has always maintained that the majority of human beings will remain chained in the cave, content to watch the shadows dancing on the wall. There are some who have the capacity to become free, and for their sake those who are already free should strive. But they should not delude themselves into believing that one day all will be free.

Likewise, Sakyamuni Buddha, upon awakening, did not want to teach. “This dharma that I have realized is too subtle for beings to understand.” But a god approached him and said, “No – there are a few whose eyes are only covered with a faint amount of dust, which can be brushed off, and they will understand.” And so Buddha taught for them – not to awaken everyone.

In my opinion, those of us who strive for truth, who try to be reasonable and to carefully consider the evidence when evaluating a given problem or situation, would do well to emulate these Indo-European forebears of ours, who had a realistic understanding of human cognitive diversity. At the same time, we should also keep in mind that, as Jonathan Bowden said, people are attracted to ideas in a pre-rational way before they even begin to think them through, which means that some of our own ideas might owe more to that attraction than to any rational evaluation.

I recently finished reading Vox Day and John Red Eagle’s Cuckservative, which in spite of its title seeming like an attempt to cash in on a popular meme, is a first-rate analysis and exceptionally well-written book. The chapter that deals with Christianity makes use of the gospel saying, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.” I think that, in the context of giving facts and figures to leftards and plebs, the command not to cast pearls before swine is perhaps the more appropriate one.